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Yellowstone People

A few shots of people that you probably don't even know in Yellowstone.

JamesJames at our back country campsite at Ice Lake, Summer '97. Couldn't believe I actually talked him into going backpacking.

meMe, blocking a fine shot of Grotto geyser. Thanks for the picture Jen.

FrankMy sister's boyfriend Frank. This was taken on the Mount Washburn Trail summer of '97. This snow might have been the first snow that Frank had ever seen. Thanks for the picture Jennifer.

JenMy sister Jennifer, climbing back up Uncle Tom's Trail. Uncle Toms Trail is an amazing trail that is sort of a staircase that climbs down the wall of the canyon right in front of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone. It is a very awe inspiring thing to get that close to such a big waterfall. Jennifer says that it is torture climbing all those stairs. She gave me this picture, so don't blame me if you cant see her face. I do have a picture of her taken when she was about five or six.

Geoff & KevinGeoff and Kevin, riding a bombardier to start work at Old Faithful Snow Lodge at the beginning of the winter season '96. Geoff (the bald one) was a bit grouchy and hung over that morning as he had been out drinking the night before, his last night in the civilized world for a while. Kevin was being his usual clownish self

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