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CJ's Yellowstone Pictures

Here is the deal with the pictures. I have about 600 pictures in my physical photo albums that I took during my three years of living in Yellowstone. Only about 280 of these are scanned at this point. Many of these were all taken during the summer of '97 when I was working as an assistant housekeeping manager at Lake. I didn't have a car that summer. It had been wrecked while I was working at Old Faithful during the winter and while the car was in the care of my infamous longtime companion James. A mutual friend of ours had borrowed the car to retrieve his tools from his broken down truck and was rear ended at a stop light by a teenage crackhead driving a stolen car. Such is life in South Florida. No car in Yellowstone is bad. It's a big place, makes it hard to get around. Between working way too many hours and having no wheels I didn't get out to other parts of the park as much as I would have liked to. So lots of the scanned pictures were taken at Lake.

A lot of these are of flowers. I like flowers. A lot are of people. I don't usually take many people pictures, but I wanted a record of all my employees, and a few of other people I worked with. Some people might like the flower pictures, but the people pictures would bore most visitors to the page, so that cuts the 280 down.

I was using York Photo Labs while I was out there. They are fairly cheap, mail order, and the prints usually look good. On the other hand several negatives had scratches or what looks like splash marks on them. Not many, but of course the damaged ones were always really good shots, so I don't especially recommend them unless: 1) you need mail order, 2) you are on a tight budget, and 3) you won't freak out too badly about the occasional wrecked picture. They started offering scanning onto floppy disk with processing for around $5/roll with the processing (mid '90's prices). So I started ordering the scans. I wasn't able to look at them till I got back to civilization and my computer. For $5 you don't quite get a Kodak Photo CD. You get 600 x 400 scans that need a bit of cleaning up.

 My sister has scanned some pictures for me. Thank you Jennifer.

Then I bought a scanner and am slowly scanning all my photos, then burning them onto a CD.  It takes a while.  As I get them done I will put the more or less good ones up here.  If you really want to know when it happens, email me and I will start a mailing list.

Then I went to Yellowstone in 2001, and I took some pictures and got a photo CD's  made.  Don't have to scan these, so they go up first.  Next trip must have digital camera, make it even easier.

You might notice that some of the subject matter in some of these is a bit unusual. I am a weird person. I take pictures of mud, bark, bugs, algae, carcasses, diseased plants, things like that sometimes. Don't worry, I have been known to take pictures of Old Faithful or the Lower Falls.

In January 2004 I created a new page.  It has everything here, and more.  More pictures!  Expanded commentary!  Many of the pictures are much better quality, rescanned and all!  Some of those early ones look like dayglow crayon drawings done by a three year old.  No annoying ads!!!  So, I suggest you go to  But, I will leave these here in case you are a masochist, and so I don't break links, or mess up peoples bookmarks.  If I get ambitious I may improve what is here some day, but there will always be more at the other site.

Enough whining, on to the pictures.

Today you can check out:

Gallery 1 - General random Yellowstone pictures. There are a few of the Grand Tetons in there too.


Yellowstone Flowers - I said I liked flowers didn't I?


Yellowstone in Winter


Jennifer's Gallery - Pictures my sister contributed.


People in Yellowstone - Friends and relatives, probably not anyone you know.


Gallery 6 - random Yellowstone pictures


Gallery 7 - more random Yellowstone pictures


Gallery 8 - Mostly pictures taken with an old Instamatic camera my first summer in Yellowstone ('95).  Several geysers, some mud pots and hot springs, a few scenic views.


Gallery 9 - Pictures from my first winter in Yellowstone, most of them taken in the Mammoth Hot Springs area while I was waiting to go to Snowlodge.  I had gotten a better camera at this point (a pawnshop special).

Gallery 10 - More shots from my first winter, a couple of the canyon and the rest in the Upper Basin.  Geysers galore.

Gallery 11 - Shots from the first winter into the second summer.

Gallery 12 - (finally)  All from the summer of '96, hot springs, wildlife, pretty lake, the Seven Mile Hole Trail, a waterfall.

Gallery 13 - Shots from my summer of 2001 trip. The first day including a hike along the canyon rim, a wildfire, and the Mud Volcano Area.

Gallery 14 - More pictures from the 2001 trip, the first part of the second day.  Lots of geysers in the Lower Basin, a few flowers, a few bones.

Gallery 15 - Some stuff from the second part of the second day of the 2001 trip.  Lots of Great Fountain geyser in the Lower Basin, and a few in the Biscuit Basin.

Gallery 16 - The third day of the trip.  Some Grand Teton National Park photos, but mostly West Thumb geyser basin.

Gallery 17 - The fourth day, morning portion.  The drive to Mammoth including the Overhanging Cliff and Wraith Falls, and the Beaver Pond Trail.

Gallery 18 - Exploring Mammoth Hot Springs on the afternoon of the fourth day.

Gallery 19 - The final part of the fourth day of the 2001 trip.  Artist Paint Pots and Norris, so plenty of thermal action here.

Gallery 20 - A long one.  Spent the day in the Upper Geyser Basin.  Typical geyser stuff, plus a Gtotto Start, and a Giant hot period.

Gallery 21 - The last day of the August 2001 trip.  Finally getting around to posting it in May 2003.  Mostly geysers of course.

Gallery 22 - Some miscilaneous stuff from the 2001 trip.

copyright Chris Johnson
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