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Jennifer's Yellowstone Pictures

These are a few pictures that my baby sister Jennifer has contributed. She took these during the summer of '97.

Natural BridgeA picture of the Natural Bridge, a little bit closer than mine and from the other side.

small rodentA golden mantle ground squirrel. It's one of those small cute rodents anyway, eating and enjoying the day in the geyser basin.

bigger rodentA marmot. At least that is what it looks like, although he looks kind of skinny for a marmot. See my version of a marmot.

maggots and algaeLife in a hot spring runoff channel. Mats of various kinds of bacteria grow in the hot water. Different colors grow in different temperatures. The things that look like grains of rice are the maggots of specialized hot spring flies that feed on the bacteria. These flies have their own predators and parasites - sort of a semi-independent weird little ecosystem of its own. You can read about this kind of stuff in the book Life at High Temperatures among other places. Compare with one of my algae pictures.

Grotto geyserSome geyser fanatic was sort of complaining that I don't have many geyser pictures, so here is one. (see the geyser rant). Grotto Geyser. Grotto isn't erupting here (but is here and here) so you can see the weird shape of the cone. It is thought that there are tree stumps in this cone, and that they got covered with silica from the geyser water to form the cone.

Liberty CapLiberty Cap, at Mammoth Hot Springs. This formation is made of the travertine deposited by a now extinct hot spring. It supposedly gets it's name from some sort of hat that was worn by revolutionaries during the French Revolution.

terracesTerraces at Mammoth Hot Springs. I don't know exactly which spring this is, I didn't even take the picture. This shot reminds me a lot of ones taken during the early exploration of the park, all black and white and dramatic looking. I have some old photos taken by Jackson from the Library of Congress, but I don't remember the link to them. If you happen to have a link to them, let me know, or add it yourself to the links page.

Morning Glory PoolMorning Glory Pool, Upper Geyser Basin. A very pretty, very hot spring. Unfortunately, because people have thrown trash in it over the years and partly plugged it up, it is no longer as hot as it once was, and this has let cyanobacteria grow down into the pool, so it doesn't quite look like a pure blue morning glory anymore. I understand that at one time it had a scalloped edge to it that has been taken bit by bit. This spring very rarely erupts as a geyser (so there - see my geyser rant).

Midway geyser basinMidway Geyser Basin. The steam and hot water pouring down into the Firehole River are from Excelsior Geyser . Excelsior used to be a truly huge geyser, (see the geyser rant) but doesn't erupt much anymore. Still the crater is very big and impressive, as are the big cascades of boiling water going into the river. Many of the Springs in the main part of the Midway Geyser Basin are big, including Grand Prismatic Spring, the biggest single hot pool in Yellowstone.

Tower FallsThis looks like Tower Falls. It got the name from the weird looking spires of rock above the fall.

copyright Chris Johnson
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