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Yellowstone Pictures, vol. 7

More of a good thing.

beach springBeach Spring, Upper Geyser Basin. I like this particular hot spring because the water level rises and falls. When the water rises it sizzles. Usually Beach does not overflow.

carcassThis bison carcass was sitting in front of the dorms at Lake in the Spring of '97 when I got there.

view from fishing bridgeA view looking south from Fishing Bridge, early spring '97. This is the place where the Yellowstone River leaves Yellowstone Lake. The mountains in the background are the Red Mountains.

lake ice breakupBreakup of the ice on Yellowstone Lake. The lake is frozen over when the hotel opens in early May. It stays that way for several more weeks. The breakup is fairly quick once it gets going. The ice goes from a more or less solid sheet to none at all in a few days.

lakeshoreThe lake shore later in the summer. I used to walk the shore between Lake and Fishing Bridge a lot.

snowy creekA creek and snow in early May. I don't know exactly which creek, but it is one of the ones that crosses the road between Norris and Canyon.

grotto geyserGrotto geyser. One of my few decent geyser pictures. (see the geyser rant). Grotto is a predictable geyser. It has splashing eruptions that last for hours. The start of the eruption is the most interesting part. Not only are the splashes from Grotto higher at the start, but one of the neighboring geysers will precede grotto with it's own eruption. I have other pictures of Grotto here and here . Why so many I don't know. Maybe because it is erupting about half the time.

basin sunsetSunset on Geyser Hill, Upper Geyser Basin. The basins are especially otherworldly at sunset and at night. They are less crowded too.

wolfMy Yellowstone wolf, Woolfie. I had to have some kind of wolf picture, and in my pictures of real wolves the wolves are too far away. You can read about how I got to feed the wolves if you like.

copyright Chris Johnson
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